I believe in taking care of myself

I focus on my health.

I devote quite a bit of time, effort and money into my appearance.

Every six months I get my teeth cleaned. I have invested into a line of top quality skin care products to alleviate acne, reduce lines from aging and moisturize my skin. I get yearly check ups and I eat a well-balanced diet. I am also dedicated to my workout routine. Every week, I take a long bike ride to the athletic field where I run sprints. I set aside one day for a ten mile run. Another workout is centered around yoga and I participate in a weekly group fitness class. I vary the types of workouts I do in order to target all the different muscle groups. During every workout, I make a point to thoroughly stretch. I look great, feel wonderful and sleep soundly. My husband is not as committed to his health. He smokes, drinks alcohol and snacks throughout the day. He sits at a desk for work and often complains about neck, back and hip pain. I have recommended that he stretch and get active. His focus is entirely on his career and earning more money. She doesn’t see the value in being physical and eating clean. He needs to have his wisdom teeth pulled and yet refuses to spend the money. He never gets a medical check up. We both think the other person is making a mistake. My husband says I am unprepared for retirement. I say he won’t live long enough to enjoy his retirement fund. I will get his retirement savings because I’ll outlive him. I know that I am happy and have more energy than my husband.

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