Controlling the temperature in the house is the best part

Controlling the temperature in my house is the very best part of working from home, if you ask me. I had so many issues with the temperature settings in the office where I used to work that it wasn’t even funny. I used to have so much trouble with the heating in the winter there that I used to think that I would die of heat exhaustion whenever I would go into work on a cold day. They used to have the heating system set at 80 degrees sometimes whenever the weather was cold outside. I remember going into the office in a heavy winter coat because of the weather outside, but underneath I would be wearing a summer sundress or something like that because of the heating settings inside of the office. I mean, I would sit there at my desk and try to get some work done but I would be sweating so much that I could barely even stand it. It was the same kind of thing in the summertime, too. When we had warmer temperatures, the air conditioning inside of the office building would just get ridiculously cold. Sometimes I would feel like I could see my breath coming out of my nose while I was working at my desk. Now that I’m working from my house instead of in the office, it’s made a big difference for me. I think that being able to control the temperature in the house is literally the best part of working from home. Other than wearing my pajamas to my meetings, that is.

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