New HVAC is just remarkable

Okay, so somebody has been doing some really great work over the last quarter of a century.

Of course, we have seen just an enormous tech revolution in the last 25 years.

Well, I’m here to confirm that the HVAC technology advances are right up there with any of the others. I know this because I just replaced our heating and cooling equipment. The old HVAC was really steady. We bought it when we first moved into this house. While it wasn’t exactly top of the line, the heating and cooling equipment we installed then was no slouch. And we took care of it as well. From the very beginning, we always made sure that it got regular, seasonal HVAC service. And we have used the same HVAC company all of these years so we know it got consistently top shelf HVAC professional service throughout. We knew that the old HVAC unit was getting a bit long in the tooth so we weren’t all that shocked when our HVAC technician gave us the news. He told us the HVAC equipment had just about outlived its usefulness. So we got busy picking out new heating and cooling equipment. And wow, was there ever a lot to choose from. With the thought in our minds that we may have to move to a smaller place before too long, we went all in on the HVAC. This house now has zoned controlled HVAC, a smart thermostat and HVAC equipment with some of the highest SEER numbers out there. I’m just shocked at how far the HVAC technology has come. But man, it sure is nice to have just the best heating and cooling experience ever.



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