Everyone is aggravated about the temperature control lock

I am slowly start to dislike my task, just like everyone else in the world.

I used to prefer coming to work each afternoon.

A lot of people do not like their tasks, however I used to prefer being an accountant. I prefer numbers, facts, & figures. I prefer finding the solution to a problem. I used to wake up in the afternoon with a smile on my face, however lately that smile has been a frown. A new management team took over the accounting supplier & they have made some swings. One of the swings that everyone is aggravated about is a lock on the temperature control. The office staff always had control over the indoor temperature. All of us never kept the temperature control set at 65 or 73, however every one of us were always comfortable during the Summer & Wintertide weeks. When the new management team took over, they placed a lock on the temperature control. The only guy with a key is the building employer & repair worker. No 1 in the office is allowed to adjust the temperature control temperature which is now set on 68 degrees. It’s extremely hot during the Summer weeks, however right now the heat is our biggest problem. The temperature is set at 68 degrees & it is undoubtedly hot & uncomfortable inside of the office. The gas furnace seems to run always. It doesn’t need to be that hot in the office. I have to wear a sweater & tie to work, & it’s becoming a nuisance with the hot temperatures. I am starting to suppose it might be time to look for another task. I actually enjoyed my task until recently, however I’ll leave just as suddenly as I started.


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