The time when I fixed my first window A/C unit

I remember when I fixed my first window A/C unit.

It was some old cooling unit that was placed in the dumpster to be thrown away, but to me it was a quality air conditioner.

I was so excited and ran home to tell my mother with the window A/C in my wagon. My mother told me right away that I should throw that thing right back in the dumpster because it smelled terrible. I told her I would clean it and make it smell nice and fresh. She gave me some special cleaner that would help and the cleaning tools I would need. I cleaned that window A/C unit inside and out because I wanted to see what it looked like inside as well. I was able to get that thing clean as a whistle and even my mother was impressed when she saw it. I asked her if we could install it in the kitchen because it always became overheated when she would cook. She said that was a great idea and she helped me install the window A/C unit. That cooling system worked better than ever, and that was a nice memory of repairing my first cooling unit. Today, I am an HVAC professional and jobs like that seem so easy to me. I mostly work on commercial HVAC systems these days, but I work on my mother’s HVAC system regularly. She even still has that old window A/C unit I fixed so long ago and she says she will never part with it.

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