My wife and I were going through it for quite some time

For a long while, I have never felt so close to someone and hated them at the same time.

That was the relationship with my wife.

We would fight over everything all the time, even the small stuff. It really drove me up the wall especially when we would fight over the temperature control settings in our home. This seemed like the main reason we would fight most of the time. I wasn’t sure if we were genuinely bothered by eachother or what, but I needed to do something. That’s why I called up the local HVAC company and told them about the issue with us fighting over the temperature control settings. They told me about HVAC zone control and said this could possibly save my marriage. Those were the magic words that I needed to hear and it gave me hope. I ended up getting the HVAC zone control upgrade and my wife said that was the best move I had made in a long time. We were able to retreat to our own zones with our own customized temperature control settings, and it made a world of difference in our lives. It seemed like we no longer had to sweat the small stuff and we started going out together more and enjoying each other’s company. I realize that I can’t say beyond the shadow of a doubt that HVAC zone control saved my marriage, but in my heart it feels like that’s what did it. I mean it could be a coincidence and we suddenly just realized how much we love each other, but I do believe the HVAC upgrade helped significantly.

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