My buddy couldn’t believe how lousy my air quality was

My buddy was shocked when he realized how awful the air quality was at my house.

He checked the furnace filter and saw that it was completely clogged up. He asked me if he realized how dangerous it was not to change the furnace filter regularly. I shrugged and he got into it with me. He said that it was important for the heating system to have good air flow and that couldn’t happen if I was using a clogged up furnace filter. He said it was time to go see about a furnace filter for sale, and so we went to the local hardware store. We actually did find some furnace filters for sale, and I bought those right away. We replaced the furnace filter that was clogged up and it seemed like my system was running a lot more smoothly after that. After awhile though, I felt like I was getting sick in my home. I started feeling drowsy all the time and light headed. My friend convinced me that I needed to go to the hospital. It’s a good thing that I went because the health professionals said that I was showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. I had my furnace checked immediately and sure enough there was a carbon monoxide leak coming from a crack in the heat exchanger. Because I went so long without changing my furnace filter, I caused the system to overheat and that crack developed. It’s pretty serious because I could have died. I had to replace my heating system entirely, but I’m going to take good care of my new heating system.


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