I could never be comfortable at home when I was a youngster

When I was a youngster, I used to sweat profusely when I would be in my room.

This is one of the main reasons I think why I tried to stay out of trouble.

My parents would send me to my room, and there I would roast to death. For some reason the A/C never got to my room even though there were HVAC vents. I remember asking my parents if they would get me a window A/C unit, but they laughed and said we had a working HVAC in the house. It was a central HVAC unit sure, but it wasn’t working correctly. They said they couldn’t afford to have it worked on, and they never did. Sometimes my dad would have a buddy come do some work on it just to get it working again when it died, but that was about it. I always tried to go to a friend’s house and hang out at places like the mall, just to enjoy nice temperature control settings that I would hardly ever feel back at home. In the winter it was really terrible because it would be freezing in my room. My parents admitted that it was a little chilly, but they told me to just put on a coat. I honestly would have said that was child abuse, but that’s what I had to live with growing up. I was so thankful when I finally got out on my own and could take care of things like the HVAC system on my own. My life has improved since.

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