I am in the business of selling meat

I never really thought I would get into the business of selling meat, but here I am.

  • I always enjoyed eating steak, bacon, venison, and most meats you can think of.

So this just sort of happened when I started working with a friend selling fine cuts of meat to people. We were able to get a large customer base in no time because people appreciate the quality meats we are able to provide. We happen to be good friends with a local butcher and we all get a cut of the money. Well, when we are delivering meat packages to people, we of course have a refrigerated truck. It works sort of like a big cooling system that keeps the meat nice and frozen so nothing spoils for our customers. We also keep the A/C system ice-cold inside as well, which none of us minds too much. It’s also to keep our products safe by keeping it as cold as possible in the truck at all times. We also have an HVAC friend who also knows how to work on our truck. There was a time when the cooling system had a refrigerant leak, and he was able to take care of the problem and recharge the refrigerant to the HVAC system. It really is important to have connections with people, so I’m lucky to have the friends that I do. Right now our business is small potatoes, but we have pretty big plans for the future. One day we’ll be so rich, we’ll all have the homes of our dreams with fancy HVAC systems and nice cars.