I didn’t know, but I’m glad I found out about it.

During the pandemic, we lost a lot of our independence and the ability to go places.

  • We depended on my cooking at least two meals a day.

We were able to go to town and purchase groceries, since we were over sixty-five. We could go into the grocery store at 6AM and do our shopping with little worry of contracting the virus. There were no restaurants open and no place to purchase fast food. I’m a good cook, but I don’t enjoy cooking and my husband can’t cook well enough to save his life. If we had to depend on his cooking to keep us alive, we wouldn’t be alive much longer. His idea of cooking is throwing french fries in the oven and hamburgers on the grill. I can only eat these every so often. Then I found out that some of the restaurants were opening, but only for takeout. Not only did they offer take out, but they offered local food delivery that was touch-free. You had to give the restaurant your credit card. The people who handled the local food delivery would ring the doorbell and then get back in their car. It wasn’t until you came to the door that they would leave. Thanks to local food delivery, I was able to get a reprieve from cooking, about once a week. This gave me the ability to take a break from cooking and to keep my husband from destroying my arteries. I didn’t know they would come up with local food delivery, but I’m glad I found out about it.


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