Moving online business to an office space

Surprisingly everyone was excited to actually go into the office

When I bought an online marketing business I decided to leave everything as is. The former business owner told me that the workers were good at what they did. He said it was cheaper to have everyone work from home. The only business expenses I would have is paying the workers to provide the products I am selling. Well I quickly realized the downside to having people work at home. You have no idea if they are actually working. There is no accountability. The only way I could ensure that my workers were doing their job 9-5 was either scheduling tons of conference calls or making everyone share their screen. Nobody liked that and it ruined our efficiency. I then decided that I needed to get a business space. I looked all around and O did manage to find an office space for rent. I got a big enough business space that everyone has an office, there is a giant conference room, lunch area and more than one bathroom. The business space is actually really modern and swanky too. All the furniture is high end and of good quality. I never have a problem with the water, electricity, heating or cooling. I worried at first my workers would resent coming into work. Surprisingly everyone was excited to actually go into the office. They liked dressing up, talking to each other and having accountability. The office vibe was really what everyone was looking for. I couldn’t be happier with my business now.
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