Adding security but not losing visibility

I tell my boyfriend that he is secretly a 15 year old girl.

He is really weird about locking up the house and being secure. He keeps all the doors and windows locked at all times. Frequently he locks me out of the house. I am walking around outside and he notices an unlocked door. He locks it and then I have to call him to let me in. He also refuses to leave any light on in the house in case someone could look in and see. Another big thing of his is blinds on the windows. I really hate blinds since they do nothing but look ugly and collect dust. But my 15 year old girl of a boyfriend doesn’t want anyone to see inside the home. I found a solution that works well for both of us. We don’t have to have blinds on every window in the house. I now have the windows tinted a blackened color. My boyfriend walked around the house and pressed his face right to the glass. You can’t see in our home with the professional window tint. Inside the house we can see totally fine. My boyfriend loves that he can see outside and no one can see in. I think he almost feels like a secret spy or something. I then bought him a door keypad, security system with cameras and motion activated lights for around the property. Now he is happy and at peace with living in the house. For me, I am just happy that I can get in and out of the house and look outside for once.

Window Film Replacements