The beach house manager is not unquestionably nice or helpful

I wanted to move to a new apartment, so I decided to hire a real estate agent to help myself and others with the task… It’s taxing to get someone to show you a luxury beach house if you don’t have a real estate agent. I l received this in the neighborhood when I moved here more than five weeks ago. I ended up in a run-down beach house that particularly needed renovations. I was only living on a week-to-week lease, so I started looking for a new beach house as soon as I moved, however after hiring a real estate agent, I also consulted with a Property Management Group. I looked at many weird properties plus the real estate agent found a couple of locales as well… The property management group had a nice two kitchen beach house in a nice neighborhood. It was a little higher than my budget, but I was excited with the amenities plus the surroundings. After I moved to the property, I had a couple of concerns with the apartment. I tried to talk to the manager about the issues, but it was difficult to get her to answer the phone. I called the property management office many times, plus I only reached the voictext, then when I finally went to the office in person, the property manager was out to supper. I waited until the lady came back plus I proposed a visit. She did not want to see myself and others or talk to myself and others about the apartment, but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer, then for $2680 bi-weekly, I deserve to have a working AC device all of the time.


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