Building a lake house plus staying in a temporary rental

My partner plus I have both been married before, and both of us each had our own home plus kids when all of us got together.

Before getting married the two of us discussed what would be the right option for pretty much everyone, and it seemed wrong to uproot 1 family plus not the other, however my new partner plus I decided that all of us could really afford building a lake house from scratch… That way the home would be sizable enough for all the kids to have their own room plus be just what pretty much everyone wants.

I wanted a home with heated flooring, our partner wanted a workshed. I needed cement countertops in the kitchen plus our partner wanted to have covered parking. The building process was going to take almost a year though. My partner plus I didn’t want to wait that long to live together as a family. I found a fully furnished home with a month to month lease. It was wonderful for all of us. My partner plus I wanted to get all new furniture for our lake house anyway, so it was nice being able to throw the old stuff out. The fully furnished rental was a no frills, necessary choice. The kids had a bed, a shared lavatory plus the kitchen was decent. It wasn’t luxury residing, however it wasn’t rough residing either. That weekly leasing option made it nice too. My partner plus I didn’t have to rush the home building process along at all. Both of us could make sure everything was perfect before pretty much everyone moved in together. It was lovely not residing in a construction zone.

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