My closest call with a fireplace

Whenever people tell me about having a traditional wood burning fireplace I think that it sounds amazing.

Of course, it’s a delight to sit in front of a roaring flame and enjoy the ambient heat that it produces.

Something about the lighting and the decoration of the fireplace will also add something joyful to your life. However, people really need to be aware of how dangerous a wood-burning fireplace can be even if you are a grown adult. This was something I found out the hard way several years ago when I was living in an apartment by myself. One night I nearly burned the place to the ground thanks to a small dose of carelessness. We had the fireplace roaring all evening as my friends and I lounged around the living room with wine. Towards the end of the night, everybody started to head back home in the chilly winter temperatures. I also got ready for bed and started to retire when I realized that I had forgotten to give my cat more water. I wandered back into the living room and put some ice cold water into a new bowl. Just then, I heard a strange sound. I turned my head in time to see a coal bouncing out of the fireplace and onto my carpet. Immediately, the carpeting ignited. I ran over and stomped out the fire before I really heated the place up. If I hadn’t been awake to put out the alternate heating source, I don’t know what would have happened. And that is the night that I developed a phobia of wood burning fireplaces.
a/c rep