Impressed with the new HVAC system at the library

I live in a small town where news travels pretty fast.

It can be things that are pressing or things that aren’t such a huge deal. The thing is, people get excited about hearing good news around here. So we were all really enthusiastic when we heard the local library got a new HVAC upgrade. I suppose a lot of folks wouldn’t care all that much about a library, it is just a library isn’t it? Well, that library happens to be one of the best places to go in our town. We don’t have a bunch of fancy stores around here, but we do have that library and it is the bread and butter of this town. I love going there to find books for my children to read and we love to hang out there in the library. They had a really old HVAC system but they kept appropriate temperature control settings. I guess the temperature control settings and air quality have to be just right to keep the books from experiencing issues. Well, with the news of the new HVAC upgrade, we were one of the first families in there checking out a bunch of books. The thing I didn’t know about the HVAC upgrade before from the rumors I heard is that they actually had an air purification system installed as well. The air quality was better than ever before when we went in there and the comfort was impeccable. I really need to speak with the librarian to get some of the details about the HVAC system that was installed.

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