I actually enjoy working with this novice HVAC professional

I have to admit, I didn’t get into the business of heating and cooling to have a sidekick.

I was just a regular HVAC technician doing my thing.

The thing is, I enjoyed working on my own and I didn’t think that I would be training anybody. That’s when the boss told me that everybody else was busy on pressing projects and I needed to take on the novice HVAC professional. He was this young kid that looked like he was fresh out of HVAC school, which he was. When I got to know the kid, he wasn’t so bad. I told him not to hold me back with the work and we would get along. Things actually went very smoothly with this kid and he already seemed to know what he was doing like he had been doing this type of work forever. He ended up telling me that he used to work with his grandfather on HVAC systems. His grandfather was a retired HVAC professional back then and basically taught the kid everything he knew. It was amazing because not only did I teach the kid a few things, but he was able to teach me some things that were really eye opening to me. I tell you, when you think you know everything about something, you’ll be surprised that there is always something new to learn. I also used to prefer the traditional central HVAC installations too which is what I would recommend to most of my clients. He convinced me that the heat pumps are the way of the future; more efficient and generally easier to install.

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