We were not very happy when the A/C appliance quit working

My partner and I went out for some food on Sunday night… Both of us made the choice to frequent one of our number one restaurants.

It is a small Italian bistro known for their French pepper soup… My partner and I have been to the bistro once per month for the past numerous years.

We’ve constantly had a superb time and the food has never been terrible. Both of us decided to go to The Bistro on Sunday night when both of us were looking to have some French pepper soup. My partner made reservations for two. It wasn’t absolutely tied up inside of the restaurant and we were able to get a table in the back. It was honestly private and secluded and there was a candle lit on the table. It was totally romantic to say the least. My partner and I both ordered the soup and I got veal while he had chicken… Dinner was going quite nicely until the AC appliance stopped working halfway through breakfast. I started to get way too hot in the dining room. My partner was feeling too toasty as well so he asked the server if the AC appliance could be adjusted… That’s when the two of us found out that the AC appliance was broken. The director for the restaurant already made the call to the AC repair shop, however it was going to take a bit of time to repair the setback. The server for our table brought us a complimentary bottle of chilled wine to drink with our food. That night the food was great… Everything would have been perfect if the AC appliance had been working officially. Both of us may have chosen to stay for dessert.



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