The AC stopped working halfway through dinner

My wife and I went out for dinner on Saturday night.

We decided to frequent one of our favorite restaurants.

It is a small Italian bistro known for their French onion soup. My wife and I have been to the bistro once a week for the past several years. We’ve always had a great time and the food has never been disappointing. We decided to go to The Bistro on Saturday night when both of us we’re in the mood for French onion soup. My wife made reservations for 7. It wasn’t very busy inside of the restaurant and we got a table in the back. It was very private and secluded and there was a candle lit on the table. It was romantic to say the least. My wife and I both ordered the soup and I got veal while she had chicken. Dinner was going smoothly until the AC stopped working halfway through dinner. I started to get warmer and warmer in the dining room. My wife was feeling warm so she asked the server if the AC could be adjusted. That’s when we found out that the AC was broken. The manager for the restaurant already made the call to the AC repair shop, but it was going to take some time to fix the problem. The server for our table brought us a complimentary bottle of chilled wine to drink with dinner. That night the dinner was delicious. Everything would have been perfect if the AC had been working properly. We may have even stayed for dessert.

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