It was shocking to us when the A/C machine quit working during our dinner

My partner plus I decided to go out for dinner on Monday night. The two of us thought it would be nice to frequent one of our preferred restaurants. It basically is a tiny Italian bistro known for their French pepper soup… My partner plus I have been to the bistro one time each month for the past numerous years, but we’ve always had a lovely time plus the food has never been awful. The two of us made the move to go to The Bistro on Monday night when both of us were craving some French pepper soup. My partner made reservations for only two. It wasn’t especially busy inside of the food establishment plus we were able to acquire a table in the back. It was seriously private plus secluded plus there was a candle lit on the table. It was easily romantic to say the least. My partner plus I both ordered the soup plus I got veal while she had the chicken dinner… Dinner was going quite nicely until the AC machine stopped actually working approximately halfway through dinner. I started to get warmer plus warmer in the kitchen. My partner was feeling severely overheated so she asked the waitress if the AC machine could be adjusted. That’s when we came to learn that the AC machine was totally broken. The supervisor for the food establishment already made the call to the AC machine repair shop, however it was going to take a little while to service the drawback. The waitress for our table decided to bring us a complimentary bottle of chilled wine to have with dinner. That night the dinner was fantastic, however everything would have been perfect if the AC machine had been actually working officially. The two of us may have even stayed around for dessert.


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