Halfway through our dinner the A/C device quit working

My fiance & I went out for dinner on Tuesday evening, and we made the choice to frequent one of our preferred restaurants.

It is a small Italian bistro known for their French pepper soup.

My fiance & I have been to the bistro once per week for the past several years. We’ve always had a fantastic time & the food has never been horrible. We decided to go to The Bistro on Tuesday evening when both of us happened to be in the mood for French pepper soup. My fiance made reservations for two. It wasn’t legitimately busy inside of the restaurant & we got a table in the back area. It was totally private & secluded & there was a candle lit on the table. It was loving to say the least. My fiance & I both ordered the soup & I was able to get veal while she had chicken. Dinner was going smoothly until the AC quit laboring halfway through dinner. I started to get warmer & warmer in the dining area. My fiance was feeling absolutely overheated so she asked the waiter if the AC device could be adjusted, but that’s when we found out that the AC was broken. The employer for the restaurant already made the call to the AC repair shop, but it was going to take some time to repair the complication. The waiter for our table brought us a complimentary bottle of chilled wine to drink with dinner. That evening the dinner was easily delicious! Everything would have been fantastic if the AC had been laboring officially. We may have even stayed for dessert.


Cooling technician