Custom Built furniture Fits Your Home Instead of the Other Way Around

My home is a small townhouse that is about 1000 square feet.

I live alone, so it is big enough for me, but living in a small space has some unique challenges.

One such challenge is furnishing the place. I have an L-shaped space right as I walk in the front door, and a good portion of that would probably be considered a foyer, so that means the space where the furniture goes is quite small. I have a wood table and wood chairs in one part of the L. That is the dining room. The wood table is handmade furniture that I bought second hand at an estate sale. There is nothing as beautiful as a wood table, with all its unique characteristics. That leaves the other part of the L to be the living room. It is only about 250 square feet, so big leather couches are not suitable. In fact, I do not have room for a sofa at all. I use a loveseat instead. I adore my leather couch – or loveseat really – but as of yet, I still haven’t found any other living room furniture that I like. It never occurred to me before, but my best friend recently suggested that I think about getting custom built furniture. I have been trying to make my house fit the pre-fab sofas and coffee tables, but she told me that custom built furniture is made to fit my home, instead! It was like a light bulb went off in my head! Of course, handmade furniture is the answer! Whether I choose the look of a cozy dollhouse or the southwest style with natural wood furniture, I can be assured that the pieces will actually fit in the space provided.

Handmade chairs