I've hated wasps since I was a kid

Ah yes, I remember the days before the wasp war. When I was a kid, and I had to be indoors most of the time because of school, I had very little experience as to why bees and wasps were dangerous. Then one fateful summer vacation, that all changed. Back then, I had my own treehouse. Due to school, I was never able to play in it much. But once I was on summer vacation I had all of the free time in the world and I decided to visit my treehouse. I didn’t realize that a massive wasp nest had settled itself there, and when I opened the door I was swarmed by them. I probably had at least 30 stings from them. My wounds eventually went away, but my newfound hatred for wasps did not. Ever since then, I have made it my personal mission to completely demolish every and all yellow jackets and wasps. I dislike honey bees and bumblebees, but I will usually spare them for relocation. I live in a large 5 acre property, so you can imagine the amount of wasps I get. I am always getting yellow jacket extermination to remove them. I probably have wasp removal every month or so, sometimes more than that. The wasp exterminator knows me well by now, and is always happy to remove the yellow jackets from my yard. Some people are lucky enough to have beekeeping residential services, where their community automatically sends a bee exterminator out to kill the wasps and bees. While that would be nice, I like living rurally, so I guess I will just have to use local extermination.


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