I know facebook is listening to me

I told my mom that Facebook is listening to everything that we say in our homes and in our office.

My mom told me that I was crazy.

She told me that I smoke too much pot and the weed is making me paranoid. She always says I smoke too much pot. She told me that it was against the law for businesses to listen to our conversations. I knew that wasn’t true for sure. We spent an hour researching the legality of our conversation before I proved my point to my Mom. I turned off my phone and I placed it upside down on the table in front of us. I told my mom to tell me what she wanted for christmas. Of course, I had no idea what my mom would say because it was the middle of June. It wasn’t a conversation we had any time in the past month or more, so I knew it was a safe way to prove my crazy point. My mom told me about a cool griddle that looks like a gas grill. I’ve seen them before. They do look pretty neat. We talked for ten or fifteen minutes and then I picked up my phone and went right to facebook. I refreshed the page and new ads popped up on the side of the screen. The digital marketing ads are targeted based on our conversations. Three of the five digital marketing advertisements were for grills or griddles. One digital marketing advertisement was the exact item that my mom described to me. My Mom was shocked and suddenly worried about what she says at night in her bedroom.