I got really lucky with my current house

I can’t imagine how much money that saved me over the years

Well my current A/C is getting old and I will probably need to replace it soon. I don’t mind one bit when my HVAC system does fail, because it has been incredibly loyal for the past 10 years, always working without issues. I actually really lucked out with this house when I bought it, because it was almost brand new when I bought it. The previous owners had really remodified so it looked great, and one of the things they did a massive upgrade on was the HVAC machine. This was incredibly important, because I think a lot of people forget about the heating and cooling aspect of a home, and how important it is. Since the heating and cooling system was brand new with a warranty, I didn’t have to worry about any kind of unexpected HVAC costs, except for maybe occasional HVAC maintenance. I can’t imagine how much money that saved me over the years. If I bought a regular house, with a used air conditioning unit, I am sure that it would not have lasted this long, and then I would probably have to pay an expensive repair bill. I really lucked out with my current house, which is why I don’t mind getting a brand air conditioner, since my current one was so good to me over the years. When my current HVAC device does go out, I will probably upgrade it as well to something even better, because I’m sure by now HVAC technology has improved and there is a much better A/C model out there.


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