Having brutal asthma and dirty air ducts

I heard a pretty interesting conversation taking place between my mom and my sibling the other day. My sibling was insisting that my mom had barely worked in her life. My mom, on the other hand, had plenty to say about her work history and the task of caring for her children! It would seem that she had to take a pause from her professional career when my sibling was a little child due to his respiratory ailments! The child was typically plagued with asthma and bronchitis that required a tremendous amount of medical attention so he could breathe fresh air. It turns out, my sibling’s continual respiratory ailments were seemingly temporary..… Because he was not sickly so much as he was affected by the indoor air quality in the property. My parents lived in a pretty old property where the central heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment was not well-diagnosed. They did not have a good amount of currency to contact the heating, cooling, and ventilation Specialist on an official level. Therefore, my dad decided to change the air filters for the indoor air handling equipment. Beyond that, they did not keep up with the air quality control equipment. About a year after my sibling started suffering from horrible asthma, someone easily proposed that they arrange a professional Heating and A/C inspection. When the heating, cooling, and air quality control worker checked the HVAC duct, he abruptly came to learn that there was a big problem. There was a pretty big amount of mold and mildew growing inside. After the professional duct cleaning, my sibling’s respiratory health greatly improved and my mom was able to go back to work.



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