I’m enrolling in something that pays for itself

I hate feeling like every interaction with any sort of sales person results in an eternal up sell.

No longer does it seem to be enough that I purchase products or services from a business.

It’s the stuff I didn’t come to buy that they are regularly trying to sell me. This makes me so mad. Sometimes, I often have to just sit in the HVAC to calm down for a minute because I simply dislike being annoyed to death when I’m just trying to buy something. However, I found that our HVAC people actually gave me something that I found to be very useful for me. While I wasn’t calling to sign up for the program, the lady at the HVAC office brought it up to me when we were talking. I’m talking about an HVAC maintenance program that is automatic, plus it saves me currency and it cuts down on HVAC service costs. I called to book an HVAC maintenance appointment when I first heard about this program. It made sense to me plus the way it was presented was not as though they were trying to squeeze more money out of me. Instead, the HVAC maintenance program offers me a lot more than that. First, I can confirm all of my appointments online. Also, I don’t have to be around for the HVAC tech. Second, the semi maintenance visits are much cheaper than if I booked them separately. But the thing that I like most is their HVAC service guarantee. By being enrolled in this HVAC maintenance program, if something happens to my HVAC system, then all I have to pay are parts. The service fee is waived because of the program! Now that’s the sort of upsell I have been waiting for.

Cooling representative