Ceiling caved in due to built up condensation

Occasionally the best planning still will not prepare you for trouble.

I thought my fiance and I planned our wedding with every detail and issue in mind.

We knew it was going to be an odd wedding with social distancing and masks, however we weren’t going to let anything stop the plans for our big day. Our friends and family went into quarantine for several weeks before the anniversary, so we could lower all the people’s exposure during the ceremony and festivities. I was delighted that all the people came to the anniversary wearing their masks, and people did not mind sitting far apart during the anniversary. In fact, things were going even better than we expected until the reception started. We sat down to dinner and a few minutes later, the ceiling was in the middle of the dance room. I heard a crack and a pop, and then the entire ceiling, drywall, and pieces of ventilation equipment came crashing down to the floor. The pieces of drywall missed the head table by more than four feet! My dad jumped up from her seat and started yelling and screaming. The event planner came running into the room with an entirely surprised look on her face. The entire reception was ruined due to a leak in the ventilation system. We had to eat buffet type in an adjacent room and it wasn’t decorated with our charming anniversary flowers and ribbons. My new wife and I found out that the ventilation system was the reason for the crash, however built up condensation causes the ceiling structure to cave. The owner of the site apologized and refunded all of our currency.


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