A horrid smell was coming from our ductwork.

I’ve been working from my house for the past 6 weeks, and it’s been nice, because all my work can be done from my laptop, which I transfer to various areas of the house depending on how I’m feeling.

So, the other afternoon, while I was working from the chair in my dining room, I caught a whiff of something horrid.

I paused what I was doing, and inhaled deeply, then, although it was odd, it smelled like a hamster house. We don’t own any hamsters or any rodents at all for that matter. I got up from the chair and smelled it. It definitely wasn’t the chair. I got down on all fours and smelled the carpet, however that wasn’t it either. As I began sniffing everything in my dining room, it hit me what I was smelling… Something had died in our air duct. We really hadn’t been using our A/C for a few days because the outside temperatures were perfect. However, we had just turned on the A/C due to a temperature increase. Whatever died in our air duct was emanating a horrid smell that was coming out through the air vents. I called my spouse instantly and told him about the air duct situation at hand. He was skeptical about what I was telling him, however I convinced him to hire an HVAC specialist instantly. Sure enough, they found a dead mouse hidden in the air duct when they came to examine our air duct system. I’m so glad I can breathe fresh air again.


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