We had a great HVAC contractor.

My wife and I waited until late in life to build our first home. This came about because the only other home we have had, we lived in for nearly 25 years and it was already built when we bought it. It was a good place and we truly loved bringing our kids up in that place. But once they were gone, it didn’t take too long to realize that the home was just too much for two people. So I upgraded the family room and the HVAC system to put it on the market. It didn’t take entirely long to sell so, in the interim, we lived in a smaller house with less than good heating and A/C. And oddly enough, the heating and A/C was an issue that was near and dear to both of us in the design of our modern place. While we did have a structural building contractor who worked on most of the build, it was the two of us who vetted all the subcontractors. Early on, we found an HVAC contractor that was just so completely professional and organized. The thing about him that was so good was how he would actually listen to our heating and A/C wants and needs. But then, turn those conversations into viable options and plans. It was quite amazing. Having this man in the fold made it so much easier to allow our focus to bear on the other subcontractors. Just knowing the HVAC contractor we had would not need to be reminded or pushed about timelines was a large plus. But mostly, we are just plain ecstatic with what that awesome HVAC contractor was able to provide for us. The two of us now live in a home of our own design that incorporates the finest heating and A/C unit I have ever experienced.
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