My rabbit is lucky to be alive

My rabbit chewed the cord to my space heater, I have no idea how she is still alive because the space heater was plugged in and running when she chewed it, so she is a special rabbit that is for sure.

She is my baby, and thankfully, I was able to house train her. I let her roam the house all day for the most part, but the only thing is that she likes to chew cords. I normally close the door to my bedroom where my space heater is, but I forgot to the day that she chewed the cord. It was absolutely my fault, but I was a little aggravated with her at the time for chewing the cord to my space heater. It was an older space heater anyways. It was very much time for me to get a new space heater, but the fact that she chewed the cord and made the decision for me was not fun, however knowing myself though, I very much needed her to chew the cord to the gas furnace in order for me to actually get a new a one, and just because I knew that I needed a new space heater does not mean that I would have ever gone out and purchased one if it wasn’t for my rabbit. I couldn’t stay mad at her for long because she is so cute, and it was my fault in the first place. I plan to go heater shopping tomorrow after work. Hopefully, I can find a good deal on a new space heater for my bedroom. I need a space heater in my bedroom because I don’t have any Heating and Air Conditioning vents running to it.


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