A ductless mini-split is more efficient than a portable a/c.

I’m truly a ‘rip the bandaid off’ category of person. If something distressing is on the line, I don’t like to wait or put off work that could be done the same day. If there’s a source of conflict with an acquaintance or coworker, I try to address the concern head on and without delay. When I was younger I was notorious for putting off concerns that stressed me out, however it always resulted in more discomfort once I finally ran out of time. I’d put off studying for tests and looking for jobs while in high school. Sometimes I’d manage to get a great score regardless, however in other instances it was obvious I needed to get more dedicated with my life. College was difficult for much of the same reasons, however that’s where I started to change my attitude. By the time I graduated, I had quit procrastinating and avoiding difficulties in life. Instead, I was now facing everything head on. That has carried over into my adult life. My portable air conditioning unit just doesn’t seem to be working in the way I had expected it to. I couldn’t figure out why the unit wasn’t getting my studio as cold as I thought it would. I kept researching problems associated with that particular make and model when I found a thread about the awful energy efficiency of most portable air conditioners. I had no real clue that these machines pull cold conditioned air from your space back into the unit just to cool the heated compressor inside. So as cool air is generated by the machine, some of it is pulled back and then pushed outdoors after it passes over the compressor. A ductless mini split would put the compressor outdoors like with any other split heating and air conditioning system, and the unit inside would be more efficient at keeping my studio cool.


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