Joining our friends in Heating & A/C

My friends tell me that I can be a bit clueless, and they’re entirely right.

I do not recognize what it is about me, however I just have some difficulty figuring things out, and that can be hard to admit sometimes; Being a bit clueless can come back to bite me sometimes, and our Heating & A/C machine is a good example… Just recently, our friends and I were talking, when our 1 friend Alexander was complaining about the cost of Heating & A/C bills.

I asked him what the heck a Heating & A/C was, and he explained that it was for heating and cooling. Since I was still confused, he explained it was our air conditioner plan and oil furnace. Then it made sense, but he continued to complain about how Heating & A/C services are just too costly, and that it was a total rip off. I believe he saw our confused expression again, and I asked him how costly it was, since all houses come with their own Heating & A/C system. He then informed me about Heating & A/C maintenance and Heating & A/C repair. This entirely sounds bad, however I didn’t recognize that air conditioning system and gas furnaces can really split down and get repaired, I thought they were, I don’t know, battery operated or something. Then all of our friends helped me with our own Heating & A/C component since I wasn’t taking regular care of them. Turns out our Heating & A/C machine was badly aged, and that I badly needed a new 1. After the new heating machine was installed after that both of us understood why Alexander was complaining, it was seriously costly.

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