My local book store

I love my local book store.

I am someone who likes to read a lot and I buy all kinds of books on various subjects.

I never know what i’m going to get into when I go to the book store. The last time I was there I found a book for sale on the HVAC industry. I never had any interest in heating or air conditioning systems or the workers that repair and instal central heating and cooling units. However, after reading a few pages I got quickly interested! I ended up buying the book and have been reading it now for the past week. It is very interesting! And I have to say that I am starting to really become interested in the heating and air conditioning industry. I have found out so many things I never knew before about some of the heat and a/c technology that is available out there today. I read something about floors that act as heaters. They are called radiant heated floors and they can only be installed in your home with either tile or wood floors. This leaves me out on ever being able to get these things as I have carpeting. However, it was interesting to read about anyhow. The other thing I was reading that caught my eye was how an HVAC tune up is done. I never knew everything that actually went into heating and air conditioning system tune ups! Like I said, this book has made me more interested to learn more about the heating and cooling industry.

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