It went by fast

Right after high school I ended up going to college to learn how to be a heating and air conditioning worker.

This wasn’t your usual college where you live in a dorm with wild and crazy youngsters and get high and drunk all the time. This was more like additional day school. It was really laid back to tell you the truth. And the other thing that really surprised me was the fact that it went by so darn fast! I was thinking it was going to feel like a lifetime till I got out of there and got my HVAC certification. But in just 3 months time I was done! I couldn’t believe how fast that was. And the crazy thing was it didn’t even seem like 3 months. It seemed more like a couple of weeks. Before I knew it, I had my HVAC certification and I had a job working at the local heating and air conditioning company! It was really awesome! I have now been at this heating and air conditioning company for a few years. One thing I have learned about being a certified heat and a/c specialist is that your education is never complete. You are always having to learn new things and learning as you go. With the way heat and a/c technology is evolving these days, on the job learning is a common thing. I really enjoy being a heating and air conditioning specialist. It was what I was completely born to do. I will never want to leave this industry until I am old and it is time to retire.


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