It’s going to be expensive to fix the air conditioner in my car

My stress is through the roof right now.

I have to address a number of mechanical issues with my pickup truck.

The power steering has been leaking so much that I have to carry a bottle of fluid to top it off everyday. I have an oil leak as well, but it’s significantly less than the power steering leaks. One issue that I was able to fix was my brakes, which had worn down after countless years of continual use. I ended up replacing all four brake pads before having my tires swapped out with new ones. Despite the cumulative costs, I was able to afford minor fixes for all of these issues. But, now I’m running into a problem I worry is too expensive to be within my grasp. The air conditioner in my truck stopped working and I hoped it just needed more coolant. Often a car air conditioner will quit cooling the air if they need a coolant top off. For these situations, it’s a somewhat easy and quick fix. I hoped that it would be similar for me, but I soon found out that my a/c compressor had fried. If I wanted air conditioning in my truck again, I’d essentially have to replace the entire system. We’re talking several thousand dollars on an automobile that already has 200,000 miles on it. It’s a frustrating dilemma. Part of me thinks that I should deal with the lack of a/c for now and save for a newer truck. At the same time, it’s extremely hot right now. Of course I could manage to survive without air cooling in my truck, but it’s not going to be a fun experience. My best bet is to deal with the issues for as long as possible until I can afford a new automobile of some kind.

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