The closest attorney specializing in birth injuries is in St. Clair Shores

I feel so bad for my wife after her nightmarish experience giving birth at one of the state hospitals in our city.

We had just moved to St.

Clair Shores from Jackson which is about an hour west of Detroit. There are so many great things to say about St. Clair Shores, from the bustling local businesses to the view of Lake Huron to the east. Most of the hospitals here are great, but the one where we ended up having our baby has employees who need to find work in a different industry. It causes us despair when nurses won’t even administer necessary medications for my wife even after I have asked five times in the course of two or three hours. The situation was so severe that she ended up sustaining several injuries during the birthing process. I immediately started calling personal injury lawyers all over St. Clair Shores and Roseville. It wasn’t enough to simply find a random personal injury attorney, I wanted someone who had experience with women being mistreated by hospital employees while giving birth. I was worried that I wouldn’t find a reputable lawyer who had taken birth injury cases to trial in the past, but thankfully the attorney I chose happened to be a few miles away from our house. Right now we’re gathering evidence and speaking with other patients quietly to see if this is a systemic issue in the hospital and not merely an isolated situation. It’s beyond frustrating to feel helpless when you’re vulnerable and in dire need of help of every kind. I pray my wife’s birth injury case goes the way we hope. The last thing we need is more bad news amid this chaos.


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