Our HVAC company just hired some younger guys

Our HVAC company just hired some younger guys, and I am the one that is in charge of training these HVAC technicians.

For now, they are not HVAC technicians.

Our HVAC company has a strict policy for new workers. For the first year of their employment with the HVAC company, they are always placed under an experienced HVAC technician. Since most of these younger guys do not last longer than a year, we have found this to be beneficial. If you can last longer than a year, our HVAC company will literally pay you to become an HVAC technician. We will provide all of your training for free. We just want to know that you are serious about becoming an HVAC technician, and we do not want to waste money. If you have already gone to school and received your certification as an HVAC technician, you are still required to work under an experienced HVAC technician. Sure, these HVAC technicians will get a pay raise, but there are some things that you cannot learn well in a classroom, and HVAC work is one of those things. We check to make sure that these HVAC technicians have been learning properly, and we help them with the hands-on portion of being an HVAC technician. After a year, they no longer have to work under the HVAC technicians. We are really excited now because this is the first time that we have had an abundance of younger men who want to train to become HVAC technicians. Most of the time, we have a hard time recruiting HVAC technicians. I hope that this trend continues.
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