Office construction was a great thing

I work in an office setting and I have for years. For a long time my working station was horrible. What the office did was an incubator set up. We had a giant table with folding chairs and computer monitors. I felt kind of like a rat. I was trapped next to my co-workers for hours on end. I could hear the girl next to me make personal calls and the guy across from me constantly bumped feet with me. The working environment was stressful, upsetting and frustrating. Finally the bosses decided to invest money into our office environment. They got rid of the incubator set up and did whole new office construction. General contractors came into the office and looked all around at the layout. The bosses went in detail on how many offices with doors there were going to be, a breakroom, meeting room and better bathrooms. For a few months I had to work totally online while the commercial office construction company worked their butts off. Once I returned back to work I was shocked at how great it looked. I had my own office with a door and window. I could make calls without interrupting anymore. I could stretch out my feet, control my office thermostat and work in peace. My workload was better and turned in quicker. The mood in the office was so much better after our building got the facelift. There were less arguments over HVAC settings since everyone had their own office and zone control. There were hardly any personal issues since we weren’t on top of each other anymore too.
Construction and remodeling