My friends and I love having parties as long as there is air conditioning

My friends and I love having parties as long as there is air conditioning.

I know that it sounds funny that we only like it if we have air conditioning, but we have had a couple of parties without air conditioning, and they were terrible.

The last party that we had was without air conditioning, and we vowed not to ever have a party again without air conditioning. It was that bad without air conditioning. We all were miserably hot, and it was just not worth it. The heat ruined the party. We are having all of our parties inside with air conditioning from now on, and I think that every person that came to the party would agree. We have decided that we are too old to deal with the obnoxious heat. It was over one hundred degrees the last time that we had a party. Of course, we had the party outside at a park where there was no air conditioning anywhere near us. That was a mistake that we have learned from. I will be hosting a lot of our parties and get togethers now. I have a very large house, and I have central air conditioning as well. I am so glad that I decided to get central air conditioning installed in my house a few years ago. It is so nice to have a nice cool house, and now, I get to share my air conditioning house with so many of my good friends. We have a lot of fun at our parties, and I know that it will be even more fun now that we will only have parties in air conditioning buildings.

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