I would be so happy if I could find customized wooden chairs

I am actually in the market for some beautiful wooden chairs. I suppose it may seem as though it is something I should not have a hard time finding, but you would be entirely surprised. This search for wooden chairs is taking way longer than you might expect for two main reasons. The first reason is that I am undoubtedly particular in what I am looking for. I only work with custom furniture. I don’t appreciate having all kinds of generic furniture cluttering up my residence in addition to taking up space when I easily know that a custom piece of furniture could fit how I want it to. The other reason I’m having a severely challenging time finding wooden chairs is partially attached to reason number one: I cannot seem to find a reliable custom furniture maker. There are a bunch of places that advertise as a custom furniture store, but when I get there I see that their furniture collection only consists of generic, factory-made furniture with some basic customizations included. Needless to say, at this point, that’s not what I am in the market for. I am seeking wooden chairs that are fully custom-made. I am looking for hand-made wooden chairs. My options here seem to be undoubtedly limited but I would be willing to drive to a location with a good selection of custom wooden chair options. I genuinely need to have oak furniture to match my wooden table and, again, I will pay extra and/or travel to get exactly the pieces that I want in my residence. These wooden chairs truly must match the wooden table exactly in addition to I can’t seem to get that level of certainty no matter where I go. Any assistance would be great. Thank you!

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