Driving dry ice is a fun job

My brother has been driving a semi-truck for the past 10 years.

He has worked for a number of different companies, but right now he is working for a company that distributes dry ice.

My brother has to have a special certification to work with the dry ice, because it is transported in large chillers. These mobile chillers can transport a number of items like dry ice, meat, and frozen foods. My brother worked for a company that hauls gravel. He often worked 16-hour days, six or seven days each week, and he was always tired. He often complained about the job and the lack of options. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many jobs for truck drivers in this area. My brother didn’t want to go on overnight trips, because of his wife and three kids. When the dry ice company opened up by the airport, my brother immediately placed his name in the bucket. My brother was still working for the gravel company when the other place reached out and scheduled an interview. As soon as they offered to give my brother a job, he immediately gave his two-week notice to the gravel company. My brother had to spend three weeks in training to learn how the mobile chillers work. My brother had to learn some basic information about the chillers, just in case there was a problem while items were being transported. I’m happy for my brother and he really likes the new job. They have great benefits for his wife and the kids too. My brother also upgraded to a much nicer work truck.
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