All I want are some customized wood chairs

I happen to be in the market for some wooden chairs.

I know that may seem especially easy to find, but you would be amazed.

This search for wooden chairs is taking longer than you would actually expect for various reasons. The first reason is that I truly am particular. I only deal in custom furniture. I don’t care for having a huge amount of generic furniture cluttering up our dwelling plus taking up room when I know that a custom piece of furniture could fit just right. The other reason I’m having a rough time finding wooden chairs is partially connected to reason number one: I cannot seem to find a reliable custom furniture maker. There are all sorts of locales that advertise as a custom furniture store, but when I get there I come to see that their furniture collection only consists of generic, factory-made furniture with a couple of customizations included. Needless to say, at this point, that’s not what I am in the market for. I am looking for wooden chairs that are entirely custom-made. I am looking for hand-made wooden chairs. My available options in this area seem particularly limited but I would be willing to drive to a location with a huge selection of custom wooden chair options. I truly must have oak furniture to match our wooden table and, again, I am willing to pay extra and/or travel to get the pieces that I am seeking. These wooden chairs must match the wooden table exactly plus I can’t seem to find what I’m seeking anywhere. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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