We had to do something about the bees in the backyard

This hot season, we ended up finding a huge amount of yellow jackets in our yard.

When you are someone who happens to be afraid of bees like I am, finding even a single yellow jacket in your yard is a good enough reason to stay inside for the entire day! But we ran into swarms of yellow jackets out in our backyard when we were getting prepared for an immense family cookout, however that made it even worse.

There’s nothing quite like a bunch of youngsters getting stung by bees to ruin a family party! When my son and I were putting out all of the chairs and picnic tables for the cookout, that’s when we saw the yellow jackets… My son is aware that I am extremely afraid of bees, hornets, wasps, and anything else with a stinger, so he didn’t say anything about them at first. But then when both of us were putting the tablecloths on, I noticed them. At first, I only saw a single evil yellow jacket buzzing around the table, so I froze in place and just hoped that it would leave us alone. But then, several more came around, and that’s when I took off running for the property as fast as I could go. My son came in too, although he was laughing like crazy because he’s not as scared of bees as I happen to be. I got to the property and I thought about cancelling the cookout. I didn’t honestly want to do that, however, because there were numerous people coming from out of town. Instead, I found a local bee eradication and extermination business to call and told them that I had an emergency!

Bee rescue