My cousin really enjoys his bee business

My cousin Freddy started up a bee eradication plus rescue a couple of months ago. He has always been fascinated with bees plus beekeeping, ever since the two of us were youngsters. I easily remember when he was a youngster, he would play dress up in a beekeeping suit that his aunt had given to him. I always thought that was bizarre, although I never thought that when he grew up he would go into business for himself as a bee eradication plus rescue provider. When he started up his business, he was scared that there wouldn’t be enough business to sustain him plus keep him entirely busy, however boy was he wrong. I don’t even know if it’s a tremendously busy time of year for bees, wasps, yellow jackets, plus hornets or what, however Freddy hasn’t had a moment’s rest since he started working numerous months ago. He says that he is tied up afternoon plus night, plus every day when he gets up he has a bunch of new messages from people who require local extermination or honey bee rescue. He says that he prefers doing honey bee rescue than doing any of the actual bee extermination jobs. I think he just really appreciates bees. I wish I could say the same about myself, although I am truly terrified of wasps plus hornets. I really won’t ever go to task for Freddy, because we definitely see bees completely differently. While he wishes to save them all, I would honestly rather handle exterminations instead of relocations! I think he’s doing what he really enjoys, though. I’m ecstatic he grew up to be able to task with bees.

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