My cousin absolutely adores bees

My cousin Tony started up a bee eradication and rescue service a couple of weeks ago.

He has constantly been intrigued with bees and beekeeping, ever since we were young boys… I recall when he was a little boy, he would play dress up in a beekeeping suit that his uncle had given to him as a gift.

I constantly thought that was very strange, but I never dreamed that when he grew up he would go into business for himself as an actual bee eradication and rescue service provider. When he started up his very own business, he was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough business to sustain him and keep him busy, however he was completely wrong. I don’t really know if it’s a busy time of year for bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets or what, however Tony hasn’t had even a little bit of a break since he started working two weeks ago. He says that he is busy day and evening, and every day when he wakes up he has a bunch of new messages from people who are looking for local extermination or honey bee rescue. He says that he would rather always do honey bee rescue instead of doing any of the bee extermination jobs. I recognize he just loves the bees to the fullest. I sincerely wish I could say the same about myself, but I am truly terrified of wasps and hornets. I particularly won’t ever go to work for Tony, because we are really different when it comes to bees. While he wants to save as many as possible, I would particularly enjoy doing exterminations instead of relocations! I recognize he’s doing what he prefers, though. I’m blissful he grew up to be able to do work with bees.


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