I was surprised that my cousin enjoyed working with bees so much

My cousin Bobby started up a bee eradication plus rescue business a couple of months ago.

He has consistently been interested in bees plus beekeeping, ever since we were young kids. I actually remember when he was a little boy, he would play dress up in a beekeeping suit that his great uncle provided for him. I consistently thought that was uncanny, even though I never dreamed that when he grew up he would go into business for himself as a bee eradication plus rescue professional! When he started up his professional bee business, he was nervous that there wouldn’t be enough business to sustain him plus keep him busy, however he was entirely wrong. I don’t know for certain if it’s a busy time of year for bees, wasps, yellow jackets, plus hornets or what, however Bobby hasn’t had any rest since he started working a little while back. He says that he is busy on a regular basis, plus when he wakes up he regularly has a dozen new messages from people who are looking to have local extermination or honey bee rescue. He says that he regularly prefers doing honey bee rescue over doing any of the bee extermination tasks. I think he just undoubtedly enjoys bees in general. I wish I could say the same about myself, even though I am very afraid of wasps plus hornets. I undoubtedly won’t ever go to task for Bobby, because we are very different when it comes to bees. While he wants to save as many as he can, I would likely go with the exterminations! I think he’s doing what he loves to do in life, though. I’m actually happy that he grew up to be able to task with bees.



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