Thought I found my soulmate until I found out he doesn’t use A/C

When I moved to the south from the north, I was excited about a current environment with nice beaches, nice weather & I was easily looking forward to meeting current people.

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love instantaneously but I did.

I met John, a handsome surfer who was born & raised in the south. The two of us met at the beach when I accidentally bumped into him, and john has a certainly different way of residing than I do. I like to have the finer things in life. I’ve always had a newer car, a nice location to live with central heating & A/C, I like to get pampered, etc. John is cool with residing in a tiny apartment by the beach & is a minimalist. When both of us met, it was the Wintertide in the south however it was still pretty warm out. Whenever both of us would go out to eat, John would ask if both of us could lay outside because he would get super freezing when the diners had their A/C on. I didn’t mind because I was just enjoying the weather; Even though both of us were opposites in a lot of ways, both of us complemented each other nicely, then our bond grew stronger, until I found out about a red flag John has. The apartment he rents comes with central A/C & heating, however, John chooses not to touch his temperature control ever. He doesn’t suppose in wasting cash on indoor air comfort because he spends most of his time outside. I discovered this the first time I stayed over his apartment & he refused to put the A/C on when it was hot outside. I realized that I couldn’t marry someone who will allow me to be uncomfortable & sweat just because he wants to save cash on his electric bill.
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