Programming my smart temperature control to meet my family’s needs

I recently purchased a smart temperature control after a friend told me how much cash it’s saved her each week.

She has a large apartment & said that she’s saved about $200 a week since purchasing her smart temperature control.

Smart temperature controls can save you cash because you can set hot & cold temperatures on your temperature control from your iPhone & you can pre-program hot & cold temperatures as well. This is helpful because you can increase/decrease the temperature based on when your family is home, instead of just keeping the A/C or heat at a steady temperature all day. I have a husband & more than one youngsters. The two of us have a certainly tied up schedule so I program the smart temperature control to match our schedules. In the summer, my husband & I labor & my youngsters both go to camp. I set the a/c to 69 degrees in the day for when both of us get ready between 7 & 8 am, & then I programmed it to go up to 76 when both of us leave for the day. The temperature will drop to 76 when both of us get apartment from labor & camp & eat dinner & will go to 76 degrees while both of us sleep. The increasing hot & cold temperatures allow us to save cash because both of us are not keeping the A/C at a super low temperature throughout the whole day. My family has no system I have control of the smart temperature control however the wonderful thing is they don’t even notice that the temperature changes because they guess comfortable. This is a win win for most people & both of us save cash.

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