Month to month lease while she does surgery

When my sister needed surgery on her spine, she could not have it done in our area.

She actually had to be driven a few states over and stay in the area for months.

Not only does the surgery need to be done in multiple days, but afterwards she would be bedridden. It would not be a good idea for her to be in a car for 16 hours driving home. My sister was worried about what she was going to do. She didn’t want to stay in a hotel that long and she needed assistance. I offered to go with my sister and we found an apartment with a month to month lease. Thankfully the short term rental was directly across the street from the hospital. It was easy taking my sister to and from appointments. The month to month lease was extremely helpful since I didn’t know how quick her recovery would be and how fast the surgery would go. The two of us ended up staying around three months in the rental apartment. It was fully furnished and just perfect for the two of us. We each had our own bedroom and there was a spare room that I worked out in. After my sister started getting better, the two of us would hang out there and do yoga. The area the rental was in was great too. We were near all the downtown shops, bars and restaurants. I even joked with my sister that we should just stay in our month to month apartment forever.


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